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Books for Uganda

Last night, Wednesday, 4th July 2019, Prof. Arjan Verschor of the University of East Anglia (UEA) so kindly transported from the UK to Uganda the second batch of books donated to the CPAR Uganda Prof. Fred Opio Ekong Research Resource Centre that is in establishment at the CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre on Plot 5 Makerere Road in Lira Municipality in Northern Uganda.

Last month, a couple of weeks ago, Dr. David Girling, also of the UEA, kindly transported and delivered the first batch of books from the UK to Uganda. 

These books are a welcome and valuable resource from which, among others, the young adults that we, at CPAR Uganda, are going to nurture under our Innovator Mentoring and Training Programme will benefit.

Credit to Dr Ben Jones, also of the UEA, for initiating the call in the UK for donations for "Books for Uganda" and for pro-actively requesting his colleagues to transport the books to us in Uganda. His call to students and staff of UEA:

Books wanted for the Professor Fred Opio Ekong Research Resource Centre in Lira, Uganda.   My colleague and friend, Norah Owaraga (CPAR Uganda Managing Director), is establishing the centre as part of a project to mentor disadvantaged students in northern Uganda.  

If you have any old books that you think might be of use these would be very helpful.  In particular texts that touch on the many different dimensions of development.    This is the only such resource centre in Lira, one of Uganda’s largest urban centres.”

As we prepare to nurture the first cohort of young adults and putting them through the first module of our programme, "Understanding Poverty", we are thrilled to be in such good company of academics who support our work and of the books that they have collected and donated to us.

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