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Sponsor a Young Adult to Participate in the CPAR Uganda Innovator Mentoring and Training Programme - Module 1: Understanding Poverty

The United Nations (UN) is optimistic that we can actually “end poverty in all its forms everywhere by 2030”, that is to say, that we can achieve Sustainable Development Goal 1 (SDG 1), if we all make a contribution in our different capacities as follows:


·         Young Persons – actively engage in policymaking for it can make a difference in addressing poverty so as their rights are promoted and that their voice is heard; that inter-generational knowledge is shared; and that innovation and critical thinking are encouraged at all ages to support transformational change in people’s lives and communities. 

·         Policymakers – ensure that governments formulate strategies and fiscal policies that stimulate pro-poor growth and reduce poverty. 

·         Private Sector – pro-actively work towards ensuring that the growth that they create is inclusive and that it contributes to poverty reduction. 

·         Scientists and Academics – embrace their role and pro-actively work towards increasing awareness about the impact of poverty.

Great optimism on the part of the UN, but which to some degree is seemingly being met with scepticism that is likely significantly driven by fear among many, particularly so young adults, of their inability to rise up to the challenge.

This is exactly the purpose of “Module 1: Understanding Poverty” of the CPAR Uganda Innovator Mentoring and Training Programme - to facilitate processes during which the participants will experience a life-changing conscious awakening that will equip them with the necessary knowledge and the analytical skills that will enable them to:

·         Actively engage in policy making in an effort to address poverty. 

·         Effectively ensure that strategies and fiscal policies that are pro-poor come into being. 

·         Raise awareness of the impact of poverty.

Tertiary and university students are programmed to go for placement and internships as part of their training programmes. This is a great opportunity, during their internship period, to sponsor them to take part in a programme that is specifically designed with them in mind. This programme is also designed for young adults who have completed their tertiary education and are still trying to discover their calling; and or those who are employed and need further skilling and capacity building. The programme is also suitable for policymakers - politicians and technocrats alike in government, in civil society organisations and in the private sector whose role it is to design and to implement pro-poor policies that are intended to reduce poverty.

With your investment of only Ug.shs 800,000 (eight hundred thousand shillings), about US$ 215 (two hundred and fifteen US dollars), CPAR Uganda will mentor and train you or your beneficiary into an innovator that is motivated to take action for the greater good. The training fee covers all costs, including three meals per day and accommodation for 23 days in Lira. The travel costs to and from Lira are not included. Read more on the programme here.


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