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Discussion of Research Findings on the Use of GeneXpert Technology in Greater Northern Uganda

The “gold standard has to be the GeneXpert” asserted respondents in CPAR Uganda’s qualitative investigation into pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). GeneXpert machines facilitate diagnosis of TB. As of 2010 GeneXpert is a World Health Organisation recommended technology for detecting TB. The Uganda National TB and Leprosy Control Programme (NTLP), in its current strategic plan, recommend the use of GeneXpert machines, if available, as “the test of first choice for all presumptive TB cases.” CPAR Uganda explored the use of GeneXpert technology in Uganda; however, this discussion only covers its findings for Uganda’s Greater Northern Region. A PDF of the full discussion (4 pages) is available to download free from the CPAR Uganda website. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

CPAR Uganda conducted its investigation as part of the “Tuberculosis: Working to Empower The Nations Diagnostic Efforts (TWENDE)” research and advocacy project that was funded by the EDCTP  under its second programme, EDCTP2, that was funded by Horizon 2020 European Union funding for research innovation.