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Policy Brief on Bill 133 of 2017 to Amending Article 26 of the Constitution


Ms. Judy Adoko, Executive Director of Land and Equity Movement (LEMU) has effectively authored this policy brief clearly articulating why Article 26 of the Constitution of the republic of Uganda should not be amended. Basically, Ms. Adoko makes a good point and demonstrates why there is no need for a constitutional amendment on the matter of land management and that in fact there are other land management legislative issues that need to be acted upon urgently. One such issue is the need for a law to be enacted to fully operationalise the implementation of Article 26 of the Constitution.

Ms. Adoko’s opinion is seemingly supported by another significant human rights lawyer, Mr. Nicholas Opio, who through social media sites, face book, warned that the proposed amendment of Article 216 is “an insidious and toxic amendment that will plunge the country into chaos, poverty and instability.”  Mr. Opio, like Ms. Adoko, proposes more appropriate alternatives to the constitutional amendment such as: expediting land dispute resolution mechanisms; reform of the land administration system and a revisit of the roles of district land boards.

The policy brief that is authored by Ms. Adoko is appropriately titled: “Why Uganda should be cautious about amending Article 26 of the constitution.” Read it in full here.